Ya No Quiero Estar Gordo Shirt

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Ya No Quiero Estar Gordo Shirt

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Mark wheeled as the attacker hurtled past him and his straight left went unerringly to the man’s head, jarring him. Automatically Mark’s training came to the fore, as everything else faded until it was only Spacer Lynn and a murderous enemy. Mark’s right was a peg upon which he hung the attacker’s blasting blow, while he used the boxer’s left, long and weaving, throwing it swiftly like a cat sparring with a mouse dangling by the tail from its teeth. His left bounced off the attacker’s chin. It was a little high, but the man rocked on his heels.

Ya No Quiero Estar Gordo Shirt, Long Sleeve, Sweatshirt, Tank Top, Hoodie…

The killer rushed. Mark let his heels touch the ground, refused to run. The attacker was too aggressive and eager for complete defense. Mark caught him with a left and right and calmly took a murderous hook to the belly without flinching, then he let his right hand ride, dropping it like a sledge-hammer. The attacker’s face seemed to lose contour, its features blurred as the face went gory; his feet crossed and his knees went suddenly rubbery. The conveyor-road inspector fell with a crash and didn’t get up.


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