Wrestling Is Real People Are Fake Shirt

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Wrestling Is Real People Are Fake Shirt

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The faculty that enables these birds to point their course accurately over vast expanses of land and water may, for want of a better term, be called a “sense of direction.” Man recognizes this sense in himself, though usually it is imperfect and frequently at fault. Nevertheless the facility with which experienced hunters and woodsmen locate tiny camps or other points in forested or mountainous country, frequently cloaked by darkness or fog, with all recognizable landmarks obliterated seems due to this faculty.

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Ability to travel with precision over unmarked trails is not limited either to birds or to man. It is likewise possessed by many other mammals as well as by some insects and fishes, the well-known migrations of the salmon and the eel being notable examples. Ability to follow a more or less definite course to a definite goal is evidently part of an inherited faculty. Both the path and the goal must have been determined either when the habit originated or in the course of its subsequent evolution.


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