Team Pfizer Shirt

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Team Pfizer Shirt

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“The tragedy of your world, ‘twice come’ is only less startling than that of your Government your leaders are a paradox! With a philosophy of achievement they conceal the greatest achievement of all men of metal to enrich your lives; with the goal of conservation and economy, they waste the most precious of all things Life! From such a Government, we can expect but destruction.

Team Pfizer Shirt, Long Sleeve, Sweatshirt, Tank Top, Hoodie…

“Yet, your people reared without controls are dissenters…. I fear they might not accept our guidance, that at some future time their will to power might create an even greater problem to be solved. However, there’s no alternative now. We accept the fifteen men of metal, O Terran, but above all we must have the ‘Sleeping Ones’ whose minds we will study. We Panadurs must guard against a future paradox. Your people,” he paused and gazed from Mark to Palanth, “may remain.”


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