LGBT You’ve Got An Ally In Me Shirt

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LGBT You’ve Got An Ally In Me Shirt

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A migration route, therefore, may be anything from a narrow path that adheres closely to some definite geographical feature, such as a river valley or a coast line, to a broad boulevard that leads in the desired direction and which follows only the general trend of the land mass. Also it is to be remembered that whatever main routes are described, there remains a multitude of tributary and separate minor routes. In fact, with the entire continent of North America crossed by migratory birds, the different groups or species frequently follow lines that may repeatedly intersect those taken by others of their own kind or by other species. The arterial routes, therefore, must be considered merely as indicating paths of migration on which the tendency to concentrate is particularly noticeable.

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In considering the width of migration lanes it will be obvious that certain species, as the knot and the purple sandpiper, which are normally found only along the coasts, must have extremely narrow routes of travel. They are limited on one side by the broad waters of the ocean, and on the other by land and fresh water, both of which are unsuited to furnish the food that is desired and necessary to the well-being of these species.


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