Lady Frost Coolest Wrestler You’ll Ever Meet Shirt

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Lady Frost Coolest Wrestler You’ll Ever Meet Shirt

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It migrates over land surfaces mainly at night and it is now believed that after working northward to the waters of Long Island Sound it starts up the valleys of the Hudson and Connecticut Rivers and flies overland to the Great Lakes, from which region it continues west and northwest to the breeding grounds, returning to its winter quarters over the same route. Early ideas alleging an elliptical route probably arose from the fact that great numbers of first-year nonbreeding birds regularly pass up the New England coast, cross the Gulf of St.

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Lawrence and spend the summer loafing off the coast of Labrador. In the fall these birds form into large flocks and retrace their flight, chiefly during daylight hours, to winter quarters from southeastern Maine south at least to Chesapeake Bay. As it was not known that the white-winged scoter does not usually breed until it is 2 years old, and since the southward movement of yearling birds was conspicuous while the travels of those from the nesting grounds were chiefly at night, the theory was advanced that the latter flew 1,500 miles due east from the region west of Hudson Bay to the coast of Labrador, thence southward to the known winter quarters.


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