Fuck The Aggies

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Fuck The Aggies

Resolutely Lucero marched to Doctor Verdugo’s compartment, followed by the fearful metal servant. The scientist had already completed preparations for a vivisection when the girl entered, and was bending over a multitude of helixes of finest wire of sensitized silver.

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An array of electric and atomic-powered instruments from tiny, silver-like scalpels, to razor-sharp saws gleamed on tables at his sides; fulgurants cast ultra visibility light upon the white-swathed couch where the victim was to be strapped alive. Verdugo did not hear them enter, but Alcoran did! Instantly the superrobot gave a warning cry at the sight of his metal counterpart and stood before the girl and robot like an impassable wall.

Fuck The Aggies
Fuck The Aggies

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