Drink Water Love Hard Fight Racism Shirt

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Drink Water Love Hard Fight Racism Shirt

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Starting in the region of Kotzebue Sound, Alaska, the route extends eastward across northern Alaska and joins another that has its origin at the mouth of the Mackenzie River. The line of flight then trends a little east of south through the great lake system of central Canada, where it is joined by two or three other routes from the northeast that have their origin on the central Arctic coast. Continuing southward the migrating flocks are constantly augmented by additions to their numbers as they pass over the great breeding grounds of central and southern Canada.

Drink Water Love Hard Fight Racism Shirt, Long Sleeve, Sweatshirt, Tank Top, Hoodie…

Upon reaching the headwaters of the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers the route follows these streams to the Gulf coast, Arriving in this latitude many species, including the ducks and geese, the robin, the myrtle warbler, and some others spread out east and west for their winter sojourn. Others, despite the perils of a trip involving a flight of several hundred miles across the Gulf of Mexico, strike out boldly for Central America and South America. This part of the route is a broad “boulevard” extending from northwestern Florida to eastern Texas and reaching southward across the Gulf of Mexico to Yucatan and the Isthmus of Tehuantepec.


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