Chauvin Juror BLM Shirt

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Chauvin Juror BLM Shirt

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While birds that have recently arrived from a protracted flight over land or sea sometimes show evidences of being tired as, for example, pintail ducks that have flown from the North American mainland to the Hawaiian Islands their condition is far from being a state of exhaustion. With a few hours’ rest and a crop well filled with proper food, most birds exhibit eagerness to resume their journey. The popular notion that birds find the long ocean flights excessively wearisome and that they sink exhausted when terra firma is reached, generally does not agree with the facts.

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The truth lies in the opposite direction, as even small land birds are so little averse to ocean voyages that they not only cross the Gulf of Mexico at its widest point, but may even pass without pause over the low, swampy coastal plain to the higher regions beyond. Under favorable conditions birds can fly when, where, and how they please. Consequently the distance covered in a single flight is governed chiefly by the food supply. Exhaustion, except as the result of unusual factors, cannot be said to be an important peril of migration.


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